new In Pursuit jewelry!

I've got some new pieces for sale at my Etsy shop. They're pretty different from what I'm used to making and I'm quite pleased with them. I kind of think of these pieces as my "vintage inspired" line.

Dragonfly necklace, $18 **SOLD**

Pearl bracelet, $7.00 **SOLD**

Ribbon and pearls necklace in BLACK, $12.00 **SOLD**

Ribbon and pearls necklace, $12.00

Gold and pearl earrings, $7.00


alanna. said…
Eeee!! Pearl bracelet is MIIINE! I feel honored. :)
Beautiful! My two favorites are the dragonfly necklace and the white ribbon pearl necklace. How in the world do you think of these things? If I made jewelry, it would be boring. :-)
ChloĆ« said…
These are really cute! Do you make any cross necklaces? I over-wear all my cross necklaces and am maybe looking for a new one :)
Supermanslady said…
Saw you on SITS this morning and thought I'd check your stuff out. WOw! Gorgeous stuff...I'm definitley going to be watching your blog and your etsy account. Don't have extra cash right now...but have some birthdays coming up of sister & daughter and will be coming back to you! Got some talent girl!! ROCK ON!!

Check my blog out sometime if you get a chance!

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