Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am...

I was tagged by Chloe from Trying to Throw My Arms Around The World.

I AM – a great sinner and Christ is a great savior. (Okay, John Newton said that, not me.) 

I HAVE – the best husband in the whole entire world. God gave me Mike, who is so perfect for me. I could wax poetic for ages about his patience. He's quite handy around the house. He works hard. He's Godly. He's someone who encourages me in my spiritual walk. And he's really, really good looking. 

I WISH – we were done fixing up the house already! Not only am I eager to get it, but Mike work's so hard and sometimes it seems like there's no break in sight. (And for you nay-sayers, I actually helped today. On my hands and knees scraping glued-on carpet pad off the hardwoods.)

I WANT – another chocolate pudding cup. OMG, those things are so good. 

I FEAR – scary paranormal. Like ghosts, mean aliens (like in Signs), Radioactive squirrels.

I HEAR – the din of machine guns from modern warfare 2. It's a common sound this time of night.

I WONDER – what the heck Heathcliff saw in Catherine. I mean, seriously, the girl was crazy! But, then again, so is he. I'm only a little over half-way through Wuthering Heights and I'm enjoying the storying in a train-wreck kind of way. I do get why Bella, from Twilight, loved the book though. Bella is as hopelessly in love with Edward as Catherine is with Heathcliffe. There's even a strikingly similar scene. Though Bella survivies and Catherine dies.

I REGRET – wasting time. I say I don't believe in regrets, but spending hours on the Internet is a terrible choice and I really desire to be a better steward of my time.

I LOVE – Southern Living. I've read the December & February issues cover-to-cover while at work. In fact, I'm not renewing my Glamour subscription in favor of one for Southern Living. What doe that say about my state in life? 

I ALWAYS – rush, rush, rush to get to work on time. I'm trying to get better about that and have less stressful mornings.

I USUALLY – go dancing weekly. But I haven't been in over a month! 

I AM NOT – in control. And thank God. No, really, thank God.

I SING – tunes from Avenue Q at the top of my lungs while doing kitchen chores.

I RARELY – travel abroad. I used to a LOT when I was younger and my dad was in the Navy. I haven't been overseas since Iceland (I moved away in 19

I NEVER – knew that people could have FOURTH molars. But apparently, I have one. Upper left-hand side. Dentist said I don't have to do anything about it if it doesn't bother me though. Thank goodness.

I CRY – a lot. I'm a crier, and a messy one at that. It's often, though, because of my sinful selfishness. I'm trying to get better at that.

I AM NOT ALWAYS – a super great friend. But I feel like I've been getting better at it lately. I've been getting to see a lot of my friends lately, and it's been super nice. A meal or coffee with a girlfriend is so good for the soul. 

I NEED – to preach the Gospel to myself everyday. That's something I'm so bad about and I get caught up in the everyday emotions that can lie to me. I'm getting better, but not on my own. :)

I'm not tagging anyone. If you read this and think it's neat and want to do it to, by all means! Just leave me a link so I can read. :) And for those of you who are wondering, yes, I did go get another pudding cup.


alanna. said...

I tried to comment on this the other day, but my computer was being silly!

Thanks for posting this. I absolutely love.

I'm feeling inspired, and I want to do it now, too!


Anonymous said...
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