Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tasty Tuesday!

Stargirl turned me on to the crab patties (which, by the way, Mike and I are very impressed that you made them!) and they sounded pretty tasty, but once she sent me the recipe for the cheddar bay biscuits (I mean, who doesn't love those?), I knew I had a meal on my hands that I just had to try.

I started the biscuits first. I had never made anything like this from scratch before, so just thinking about it was kind of daunting. Once I got started, though, everything was pretty easy. Mix this, stir that in, etc. The ingredients were all basic stuff that we had around the kitchen. I forgot to put in the cream of tartar, though. I have no idea how I missed it.

I was worried about how our oven, which Mike has been known to call "diablo's furnace," would cook them. I really didn't want burnt biscuits. I've learned a few tricks, though, and everything turned out okay.

They woman who posted the recipe said she makes 20, I made 16; it all depends on how big you make them. Either way, it's plenty of biscuits!

ultimate cheddar bay biscuits [source]

Next were the crab patties. I had to buy imitation crab meat and prepared horseradish. I have no idea what prepared horseradish is and what on earth I will ever use it for again. The recipe calls for dijon mustard but I used stone ground. I decided to icksnay the sweet red peppers. I love them but they weren't on sale and I didn't want to buy a whole sweet red pepper if I only needed a 1-1/2 teaspoons of chopped pepper.

This recipe was very easy. I hate making patties because I'd rather not get my hands all gooey, but it's really not that bad. Plus, I was excited to use my food processor on the crab meat and the swiss cheese.

Once again, I missed a step. I forgot to cook the patties before I put them on the english muffins and covered them with cheese. So, then I had to take them off, scrape the cheese off, cook them, and then reassemble. Also, this was the first time I broiled something.

crab patties [source]

The verdict? Yes, this was a very simple meal, crab patties (which I kept calling krabby patties, thank you Sponge Bob) and biscuits. Maybe I should have added a salad, but I didn't. I was okay with that and Mike was okay with that. I'm no chef or anything, and I know these weren't super fancy. But for a meal at home with my hubby? These were really great.

Mike loved the meal. He said it reminded him of spending time seaside during his childhood and crabbing with his parents. Of course, he never did any of that. He did go to lakes and his cousin threw a rock at his head once. But they never went crabbing.

Tasty? Yes!
Easy? Yes!
Would I try these recipes again? Definitely! And maybe next time I'll remember the cream of tartar for the biscuits.


Stargirl said...

Hahaha. I loved that part about Mike. And, eww. How can you FORGET to COOK the patties? We also called them Krabby Patties.

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Seriously, Cheddar Bay Biscuits are amazing. I'm so glad yours turned out great!


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