Sunday, December 6, 2009

Picture heavy stream of consciousness ahead

I'm really excited that Christmas is right around the corner. :)

This Tuesday marks my last day in the classroom until next semester. I am very excited about this. I still have two final exams (for my two hardest classes) to turn in and five papers to put the final touches on. Wish me luck! Next year, I'm taking TWO classes instead of the FIVE I took this year. This has been a ridiculous few months for me. But more on that later.

While working on all that, I procrastinated a bit by starting a tumblr. I did it because I wanted to be cool like girlchic (who is one of the coolest girls I know). You can it here. I'm not sure why I have it. I love the concept and most tumblogs are really pretty. But, heck, I've got a really pretty blog right here. So, we'll see.

I've recently become obsessed with the photos found on the weheartit website. And a lot of the cool photos I've posted lately have been from there. I'm feeling particularly picture happy today. Also, in the past few blogs, I've forgotten to give credit where credit is due. Forgive me weheartit.

I'm cold. I know that might not be very interesting...but there it is. It's not because it's cold outside (which, by the way, it is! It is 35 degrees out there! In South Carolina! Madness, I tell you. Unless it brings snow) I always get cold hands when I type. And I've been pretty much sitting in the same spot since lunchtime yesterday typing about Disney villains and approaches to communication. Except for church, sleeping, bathroom breaks and some meals.

Speaking of meals, Mike and I had breakfast for dinner...also known as brinner. A breakfast meal for us used to always consist of scrambled eggs and a ton of bacon. I make the eggs, he makes the bacon. But lately, I've been doing mine over easy, because that's the way I like it. Yum. And tonight, Mike raved about the scrambled eggs I made him. I love it when my man likes my cooking. It gives me warm fuzzies.

Speaking of cooking, I'm excited about all the domestic things I plan to do once I'm done with school for the semester. Like cleaning the house really well. And making delicious dinners for Mike. Not to mention sending out all those thank you cards and putting together the wedding scrapbook. I've also got to get the house all Christmas-y. We bought a tiny 3ft prelit tree and I'm going shopping for ornaments this week! Oh, and I've got to do Christmas cards and our first ever Christmas letter!

Oh, this was so much more fun than studying for an organizational communication final...:)

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Leo said...

I'm about 30 seconds from ordering that snow white decal for my macbook...

that's like, cooler than cool.

Leo said...

I'm about 30 seconds from ordering that snow white decal for my macbook...

that's like, cooler than cool.


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