Thursday, October 1, 2009

Secrets secrets...

Secrets secrets are no fun
Secrets secrets hurt someone

Ever hear that? I don't remember where I heard it, but to me, it's just a poem about someone who is jealous that they don't get in on the gossip. The person that is really hurt by the secret is the person that holds it inside. What you discover from PostSecret is that these secrets, when released, are so liberating for the secret keepers.

Mike and I just got back from the PostSecret event. We bought the cheapest tickets, but because the center wasn't full and because there would be an open mic at the end of the presentation, we got to upgrade. Level A tickets for a Level C price, thanks Frank!

It was pretty much Mike's first exposure to PostSecret except for a postcard or two that he may have seen on my weekly perusal of the PostSecret blog. I loved Frank's stories and the whole event sparked some interesting conversation between us. (More about that later, because it's a heavy blog that I can't just type out before bed.)

After the event, Mike and I sat on the couch with some ice cream and shared secrets of our own. Neither of us had anything Earth-shattering or life-changing. One of the secrets that I shared with Mike is that once, when we were dating, I snooped through his top dresser drawers looking for an engagement ring. He laughed because he knew what I had turned up: checkbooks and socks.

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