Monday, October 19, 2009

making skinny girls skinnier

For my minorities in the media class, we have a final paper that is supposed to be about any subject pertaining to any minority in the media. I decided to pick women in the media, particularly the way that media lays pressure on women to have some sort of unattainable beauty. One thing that came across my path today will probably find its way into my paper.

I read an article at the that says that this particular model was not at all happy about her retouched photo. To add insult to injury, she has been fired, she says, for being too fat. That picture just makes her look odd and terribly disporpotionate.

Today's blog on I Heart Daily featured an interview with a woman who retouches photos for fashion magazines and campaign ads. This woman herself says, when retouching, "you're just making them look like this unattainable, unrealistic image."

It's one thing to remove zits or leg hair, but to make them look like the victim of a victorian-era corset and call it beauty is just wrong.

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