Sunday, September 27, 2009


In the midst of the wedding planning, Mike and I decided to get a Wii as our wedding present to each other. My boss said we should get champagne glasses or something else that we could have as keepsakes forever and ever amen. We thought about watches and crystal flutes and pretty things...but in the end, I decided that I really wanted us to have a Wii. And a Wii Fit.

So, when we found out that the Wii dropped in price to $199, we decided to head to the mall and snag one. We ended up going used and for $200 we got a Wii console (includes Wiimote and nunchuck) and an extra Wiimote and nunchuck! We'll wait until next week before getting a Wii Fit since the new Wii Fit Plus comes out next week. (Yay! So excited about that!)

The used copy of Wii Sports didn't work (fail) but the Tomb Raider Anniversary worked fine. But, really, watching me play that game is a whole lot of fail going on. I'm slow and bad with a joystick. To quote my husband, "You have got to learn to run straight!" But the game cost me $15 and I'm not on any time limit and so I hope to beat the game within the next five years or so. Fingers crossed...

Two questions:

1) Anyone want to be my Wii friend?
2) Can anyone recommend any good games for the Wii? I'm particularly interested in games that get me working up a sweat but are fun!

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SweetWICK said...

Wii Olympics is so fun! It's hillarious especially when there are four players. You wouldn't think it, but it works up a good sweat. Yeay for the wii as your choice of gift...much better than boring crystal or champagne glasses:o)!


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