Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's pretty much assumed that many men do not notice when women sport a new 'do or buy a cute new outfit. Unless, that is, the woman points it out for them.

My husband, however, has some observant friends! A few times in the past, his best friend (and best man!) has mentioned my hairstyle. Did you get it cut? It looks nice. Or hey, you're wearing your hair curly today, that's a good look! (Speaking of my hair, I'm in dire need of a haircut. Where did these split ends come from?)

Another of his friends made my day today when he said, "I've noticed that you have quite the shoe collection." Which, actually, isn't really that accurate--I wear flip-flops 90% of the time. However, we do see each other at church when, of course, I'm doing things a little nicer. And, of course, his daughter tried on several pairs of my high heels when their family came over for lunch the other day.

I love getting a random and unexpected compliment! So, today, why not make someone smile with a sweet and unexpected compliment?


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