Tuesday, May 26, 2009

zombies and video games. not bad, akshully

I'm going to do a blog on two things that are SO NOT ME. Zombies and video games. My love for video games died with highschool graduation. Since then, the games I've really taken to have been either the SIMS, Guitar Hero, or games that I can play on my Nintendo DS. Not exactly the kind of stuff that makes up a gamer. I'm okay with that and I don't particularly like play just about any other video games. As for zombies, don't even start. I don't like zombies. Did you know that? Yeah, I bet you did. I hate zombies. Ugh. Zombies give me the screaming heebie jeebies.

The other day, Mike something that combines zombies and video games.

Despite how much I really cannot stand zombies (or zombie like virus-infected beings), I agreed to try it out with him, as long as he understood that I would very much aspirate (thank you Anne Marie).

Here's the intro video to give you an idea of what I was getting myself into. (Hey mommies, this is probably not safe for kids). This shows some of the "bosses" of the game: the witch, the smoker, the hunter, and the tank. And, of course, the horde.

The result? I actually like the game. I like using the shotgun to blow the zombies apart. I can only play a little at a time because I can't really take the intensity of video games. Also, it's slow going for me because I'm hesitant to walk into dark rooms which there are plenty of.

I probably won't ever get addicted and play for hours, but I probably will continue to enjoy Left 4 Dead in low doses.

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