Thursday, May 28, 2009


Remember those hanging flower baskets at Mike's place? Well, I was removing dead flowers, leaves, whatnot today. I started with the basket on the far left when a flutter rusty-brown feathers flew at me, freaking me out. I screamed an amusing little-girl scream. After a few seconds I tentatively peeked into the basket and then ran inside. "Mike! Come see!"

What did we see? A bird nest containing a few little white eggs with brown speckles. Then I heard the mama bird screaming at me.

So, I took care of the other three baskets and left that one alone before coming inside to read up on birds. I've determined that it's a Carolina Wren nest. How appropriate--the Carolina Wren is the SC state bird. ^_^ Also, I found out that Carolina Wrens may mate for life. Awwww...

Incubation lasts 12-14 days and the first of the babies take off within 12-14 days of hatching (says Wikipedia). So stay tuned for updates.


Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Oooh, fun!

Bill said...

Found your blog on VerveEarth while looking at my Verve listing. Birds are fun and Carolina Wrens are a hoot. I saw a picture once of a man standing with a shotgun, a Carolina Wren sitting on the barrel and the caption read, "Who's afraid of the big bad gun?" Enjoy their little ones. Those wrens will consume tons of bugs around your house.

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