Friday, May 15, 2009


Do you remember that rhyme: I don't wanna go to Mexico no more more more... The official rhyme's second line says there's a big fat policeman at my door door door, but I don't remember anything about a policeman. In Guam, I'm pretty sure we said some other word. Maybe the Chamorro word for policeman. Eh.

That song kept coming to mind with the whole Swine Flu pandemic scare. My boss, the doctor, is currently reading "The Great Influenza" which is about the 1918 flu pandemic which killed up to 100 million people in a two year period. Apparently, the particular strain of H1N1 known as swine flu is related to the strain of H1N1 known as the Spanish Flu that caused all those deaths. So that's why everyone was up in a raucous. After all, healthy adults in Mexico were dying--this could have been the next big one. It wasn't, but why did a hundred people in Mexico die? "Poor hygiene" my boss said.

Wash your hands, yah? Even the kiddos know that--though they have to be reminded pretty regularly...

Coinciding with the swine flu epidemic was a discovery of a Mexican restaurant so authentic and divey that Mike and I may as well have been in Mexico. The menu that's in English is rife with misspellings. "Unions? What's a union steak?" Mike grinned, "I think it's supposed to say onions." Our favorite dish so far (we've only been there twice) has been the Mexican Style Steak. It's essentially fajitas (which I have to say in my head fah-jee-taas to spell correctly) with steak, onions unions, and tomatoes sautéed in...deliciousness.

It's expensive for a dive, but the food is amazing. Plus, the portions are big enough that we have leftovers for lunch the next day. We're on a quest, though, to make our own delicious Mexican style steak. Our first try was this week. Result? Good but not great. We'll try again with less onions and more spices.


Leo said...

I made Fr. Stan go to Moe's with me one time. He looked at the menu for a good 5-6 minutes before he turned to me and asked, "What's a fuhjita?"

(rhymes with the first three syllables of legitimate)

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

I really enjoyed this post. :-)


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