Monday, April 13, 2009

Physics of Lindy Hop

If any of you are on Facebook, you need to check out a video I just watched about the physics of lindy hop. It's a really cool video with two amazing dancers: Nick Williams & Carla Heiney. In this video they do some really smooth dances moves and cool aerials which are then played back in slow motion to and analyzed. This was on the Discovery Channel show "Time Warp." I tried to find it on YouTube so that I could embed it here, but no such luck. 

Oooh, also found a video on the "Time Warp" website: the Lindy Spin in slow motion.

Will I be thinking about any of this next time I go dancing? Umm...probably not, but it's very interesting to learn. :)


Anonymous said...

You might like this: (have a look at the 'more info'). I was trying to find it again when I came across your blog.


Drew Ringsmuth said...

Hi there! Thanks for the post :-) If you're really interested in this kind of thing, check out my blog at , which is dedicated to the topic. If you find it useful, please link to it!

:-) Drew


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