Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hey, smart roommate, what is brimstone?

This morning, was listening to a very christian radio station which my friend says she will listen to and hear anything from kids singing to Dr. Bob preaching hellfire and brimstone. There was no hellfire and brimstone preaching on my way to school, there was some classical and some a cappella music. But I remembered what my friend had said and I wondered for perhaps the first time in my life what on Earth brimstone was--other than a threat to heathens.

image courtesy of wikipedia
So, I asked my smart roommate. Brimstone has a very short entry with only one sentence followed by many links to other pages or sources. As it turns out, brimstone is just another word for sulfur. The page for fire and brimstone, however, is considerably longer.

Smart roommate? Yeah. My film teacher will reference wikipedia every now and again. He says that it's a source of knowledge--just not one you can cite. Wikipedia is like your smart roommate. When you want to know something, you just lean over and say, "Hey, smart roommate..." and wikipedia tells you the answer. :)

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