Thursday, April 2, 2009


When I started dancing (about a year and a half ago), I wore these old and battered heels (*low* heels) with the cutest skirts I had that I could dance in. A few months later, I invested in (a.k.a. got for Christmas) some actual dance shoes (seen here) and a dance skirt (from These two pieces along with a pink shirt and a pony-tail became my dance uniform. I felt very lah-di-dah in my i'm-a-real-dancer dance shoes and dance skirt that came from actual dance stores.

After commenting to a fellow follow how great she looked while dancing, she told me that it was "all in the pants." These magic pants were wide-leg black pants. I began to notice lots of really excellent dancers in wide leg black pants and white canvas shoes. 

So, I recently invested in two pairs of wide leg pants (yoga pants from tar-jay) and canvas shoes (Keds).

Result? I feel very lah-di-dah again. Ha-ha-ha! I can dance longer in the Keds and the wide-leg pants really do make my moves look cooler. (Which is why, Missy, I appreciated you noticing that on a previous video!)

I went dancing twice this week and I was on fire! I was just having such a blast that I danced super duper hard for a super duper long time (almost 3 hours straight two nights in a row). The downside to this is now my calves are killing me and I'm having a very awkward time just walking!

♥, TiffanyAnne

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Haha! I'm a genious! (except for the fact that I kan't spel.)


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