Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rumor has it...

ANNOUNCEMENT: ladies pls. DON'T go to any WAL-MARTS 2nite. news has CONFIRMED gang initiation will take place 2nite. target to kill 3 women.

Someone I follow tweeted the above earlier today. I've seen similar warning pop up in the facebook status of some of my friends or in email chain letters. Have you been bombarded by "gang initiation" text messages, emails, or tweets lately?

I'm going to take this opportunity to share with everyone a wonderful website called Snopes.

If you haven't heard of the website, I think their logo tell you what they're about: rumors. The website determines the truth value of rumors, urban legends, old wives tales, strange news stories, etc. Some fantastic stories are actually true while others, like the above, are false. For me, is the place to verify something that's been handed my way.

Oh, and the page for the gang initiation rumor can be found here: Gang Targets Women at Walmart.

♥, TiffanyAnne

1 comment:

Stargirl said...

Awesome! Snopes rocks. Kevin got a text about this. I posted the Snopes link on her FB wall


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