Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Swing & Shag

I haven't really been too excited about going swing dancing lately. It's just been blah, blah, I might as well go. Last night, I was tryting to decide what to do. Study? Work on my scene analysis? Read one of the cute chick-lit books I just checked out of the library? Veg on the internet all night?

Nah. I decided head to a college for their Monday night dance. I tossed around the idea for a few minutes...did I really want to drive fourty-five mintues to the dance? Did I even really want to go dancing? Blah.

So, I changed into my swishy pants (a must!) and headed out. I'm so super glad I went. The dance was attended by a lot of beginner's from the college's swing classes, but the energy in that venue was fantastic! Also, there were a few fantastic leads* there that I haven't danced with in ages.

See this photo? (That's me and friend/swing instructor at an event at the Fox Theater in Atlanta.) See how I'm in the middle of a huge laugh? That's how I felt all night. ^_^

♥, TiffanyAnne

*Lead: a male swing dancer. Sometimes females lead too, though.


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Interesting, I have always wanted to learn to swing dance!


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