Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In pursuit of...a niche

I get asked a lot about what I want to do once I graduate. What am I going to do with this journalism degree and these super-fab writing skills? I say that I want to write for a newspaper or for a magazine. How broad is that? Sheesh. Well, right now, I'm looking for my niche.

I may be taking an investigative journalism class, but I don't think I ever want to be an investigative journalist. I'm taking writing for television news, but I don't think I ever want to be on TV. Then again, what do I want?

I don't have something that I'm passionate about obsessed with enough to fill pages. "Well, you write your blog," Mike pointed out. True. But anything of any substance? No, not generally. Here are some pretty pictures and this is what I had for lunch yesterday--oh! and the kiddos said something really funny this afternoon! I'm going dancing this weekend and I'm trying to figure out my life. I would say that is my blog in a nutshell. I guess that's why I titled this blog "In Pursuit" in the first place--because I'm still looking.

♥, TiffanyAnne


Chris Cope said...

Don't be so quick to dismiss things like blogging. In going for a journalism/writing career there is this ridiculous feeling of the thing needing to have some kind of "weight." In other words, it needs to impress the hell out of our friends, according to our own idea of what might sound impressive.

Many years ago, before blogs, I spent a lot of time writing letters to friends and would often lament that there is no money to be made in letter-writing and that it wouldn't be all that impressive a career. But 14 years later, I'm about to publish a book that details my experiences and observations on them -- effectively an 80,000 word letter.

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Oh, how I dreaded that question when I was nearing the end of my college education!


And I still didn't know for a few years after I graduated. I took a paying job, which led to another paying job, which led to another paying job. And I finally realized, I LOVE working in Human Resources. (Of course, that's not what I do now because I took a part-time job with Craig so that I could spend more time at home with my kids, but after the kids are old enough, I want to get back into Human Resources.)

It took a while to find my niche...almost five years after graduation. In the meantime, I brushed my teeth every day (followed what I knew God wanted me to do daily) and kept my eyes open (waited for the Holy Spirit to guide me).

Toy Kitchen said...

I just came across your blog and just from reading your little piece about who you are you have an amazing ability to write. But yes, I know how you are feeling. I graduated with a degree in Biology thinking I was headed to Medical school only to realize I never really wanted to be a doctor. It took many years to figure out my path but I think that is exactly what God wants for many of us. It allows us to spend time learning in the journey instead of obsessing over the destination.


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