Sunday, February 8, 2009

How to be a better stalker

Have you heard of Pipl? It's a people-search engine that goes down into the "deep web" to help you find who your looking for. This is rather helpful if you are looking for a long lost friend or loved one. Pipl is also rather helpful if you are trying to be a creepy stalker. Pipl is, to quote Worthington Wire, a "people search engine so good, it will scare your pants off."

I searched my family members to see what would come up. My father has a pretty common name, so that turned up lots of people who weren't actually him. My brother's search turned up some public records and his Flick photos. My sister has two names that she goes by; The first one turned up her old myspace profile and basic things like that. Her second one turned up every makeup blog under the sun. My mother has about zero online presence; Her search took so long that, after waiting ten minutes, I left the computer and waited for the search to finish and got just about nothing.

Searching my name turned up photos that a friend posted from when we had worked at a camp together. Kind of neat. Lucky for me, not only are there plenty of people who share my name, but Pipl also has my address wrong. Ha!

♥, TiffanyAnne


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