Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm starving!!!

Lauren complained while she was watching TV and I was slaving away in the kitchen over Spiderman mac & cheese and chicken nuggets.

"Starving?" I say. "You're not starving!" (Oh, yeah, you guys see it coming already, don't you?)

"Yes, Miss Tiffany! I'm STARRRRRRVING!"

"Lauren, did you have breakfast this morning?"


"Did you know that some kids in this world don't have as much food as you do?"


"Some kids don't get enough to eat. They are starving. You're not."

And then I promptly felt very old. I'm officially...what? The "starving kids in Africa" speech is known by moms nationwide. I'm certainly not officially a mom. But maybe, just maybe, I'm officially just as annoying as Mom.


Stargirl said...

Ah, let's just archive this with the "There's no blood. You're fine!" speech

Leo said...

Yes, you have to drink your coffee! Don't you know there are people in Africa who are sleeping?!

Miscellaneous From Missy said...



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