Friday, January 16, 2009

He falls asleep on the school bus every day.

He had huge purple bags under his eyes. I think those were to catch the crocodile tears. He howled because he was starving. He howled because he didn't need a nap.

"30 minutes," I told him. "Lie down for 30 minutes and then you can be up."

So, very begrudgingly and knowing he couldn't win, he went down.

Surprise, surprise! He actually fell asleep!

45 minutes later--so I fudged a little!--I go in his room.

"You can be up now." I rub his arm. "Want to watch a TV show and have a mix*?" Just like I promised.

He looks at me, rubs his face, and goes back to sleep.

Oh yeah. This nanny was right, kiddo.

*A "mix" is a mixture of snacks. Fruit snacks, cheez-its, crackers, the occasional marshmellow, cranberries, etc. This is their favorite snack.


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