Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tomorrow's news. Today.

Today, during my first ever foray into a newsroom, I came to the very obvious conclusion that I need to write more. A few weeks ago, at a "Media Day" event at my school, I met a reporter from the local newspaper who invited me to stop by the newsroom sometimes. Today, I did just that. I was there for almost three hours talking to reporters, hanging around the copy desk, and watching tomorrow's paper get put together.

As I walked into the newspaper building escorted by that reporter, we began to exchange the usual pleasantries. He asked me how I was doing. "Good!" I replied, ever perky. He gave me an odd look and said that it had been an "interesting" day in the newsroom.

Indeed, it is an interesting time to be someone who wants to go into print journalism. I was researching Gannett for a school project when I came across news about layoffs within the company. Huge Gannett layoffs are happening this week and I had the unfortunate timing to show up on the day they were happening at the local newspaper. People who had been writing for the paper for longer that I have been alive were let go.

What does that mean for me as someone who one day wants to see a byline in print?

"While the industry continues to undergo changes — [Mitch] Weiss calls the Internet “the mother of all threats” to print media — Weiss believes there will always be a place for people such as [Tiffany] Heuser, and that there are few more rewarding careers."

There will always be a place for someone like me. Though, I think that in a few short years, that place will be almost solely on the web.

♥, TiffanyAnne

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