Wednesday, December 17, 2008


"Where's the cake?" I asked. "I smell cake!" I started sniffing around the kitchen.

Lauren, my roommate, was fiddling with something on the counter.

I opened the oven. Empty. "Tiffany! You're silly," Lauren said.

I had just arrived home from a wonderful day of work. The kids had been well behaved. I got some good one-on-one time with each of them. I got a generous gift from the family. And my morning had begun wonderfully with a present from my roommate and a message from my sister. "Da na na na na na, They say it's your birthday! Da na na na na na, it's my birthday, too!!!"

I was supposed to be getting ready to have dinner with Mike and maybe a few friends.

But I smelled cake.

I heard the upstairs roommates say something. Lauren disappeared. I went into my room to drop off my bag and coat and when I emerged, Ellen and Heidi were holding a freshly frosted cake while Lauren lit the candles.

How's that for a fantastic welcoming home on your birthday, hmmm?

So, we stood around the kitchen eating cake and being silly. Lots of silliness ensued. While we wore cone-shaped birthday party hats.

And we took a LOT of pictures.

Shortly thereafter, Mike arrived bearing gifts. Just a little things that made him think of me, I suppose. We went out to eat with a few friends to a local restaurant/cafe where my all-time favorite local musician was playing that night. We had dinner followed by coffee and a shared desert. Everyone got to hang out and I got to hear Jacob Johnson play again.

After that, three of us went to see the new Keanue Reeves movie. I can't do it justice in one sentence, so I won't even try.

Birthdays are generally overrated. There are no more cupcakes at school or princess themed party plates. Often, throwing a birthday bash means time, money, and organizational skills. So most birthdays end up being just another day.

However, this one--full of friends and thoughtfulness and smiles--was absolutely perfect.

♥, TiffanyAnne

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Happy Birthday to you and StarGirl! Yay!!!!

I saw the FB pictures, but I didn't know it was for your birthday. That one pic of you and Mike was my absolute favorite. (Not the one that I commented on.) You both looked completely HAPPY!!!

Happy Birthday!!!


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