Thursday, December 4, 2008


Monday night, I was scurrying around trying to find a decent outfit to wear on Tuesday night. Nothing I owned looked professional enough and everything my roommate let me try on looked, appropriately enough, like my big sister's clothes that almost fit me. Having been a nanny for almost five years, I lack in the "business casual" department these days.

Tuesday morning, I hit the a discount store and the consignment store right next to it. I was able to find the perfect outfit--and it acutally fit me!

There was one problem: The pants I was able to find that actually fit me were too short to wear with my high-heels, i.e. my go-to dressy shoe. While staring at the options the shoe store hand for me, however, my eyes were opened to a whole new genre of shoes.

The loafer. Now, the closest I have ever come to wearing a loafer are my moccasins. Loafers were modeled after moccasins, but probably not the ones I wear with my Native American dance regalia (you know, the white ones with pink sequins). I have never worn loafers before Tuesday, but I found a cute pair [pictured] at Payless and fell in love. Then, last night, I found a pair of black loafers that my sister had given me a while ago. I'm wearing them right now.

Survey says? I love loafers. They're cute, dressy and way more comfortable than high-heels. When I buy jeans or pants in short/petite lengths and try to dress them up with heels, they look way too short. With loafers, they look perfect.

Plus, they look professional and "grown-up". Which, for someone who is often mistaken for a teenager, is quite nice.

♥, TiffanyAnne

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