Tuesday, October 14, 2008

makeup survey from stargirl. i.e. wasting my time waiting for class to start.

Okay, so my sister did this makeup survey thing and was like: oh, why don't you guys do it too. So, I decided to do it during which I realized that I have a lot of makeup. Mostly, I don't wear makeup. It takes too much time and I'm too lazy. I'm one of those gals that can get away with not wearing makeup most days. Or maybe I just don't care. Either way... But here is that survey...

My Foundation: Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse in light beige or creamy natural or something... Love it, reccomend it, but never wear it now that I have PF mineral makeup.

My Mineral Foundation: Physician's Formula Mineral Wear® Talc-Free Mineral Loose Powder in sand beige. Love it. So easy.

My Powder: CoverGirl pressed powder and PF bronzer. Never wear it.

My Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash. Never wear it. Mascara makes me look funny.

My Blush: CoverGirl Cheekers in Iced Cappucino...has a very odd scent. (Also own and occasionally wear: Lorac blush in Soul, Mary Kay signature blush in Island Spice)

My Eyeshadow(s): My go-to eyeshadows are two AVON quads that I got from my mother. One has silver, white, gray black and the 2nd has cream, bronzy-rose, gold, brown. I wear those above a Sonia Kashuk primer/base. (Also own and occasionally wear: A Sonia Kashuk pallet of browns, beiges, and neutrals. MK signature eyeshadows: two neutral colors and one purple duo. Maybelline pink eyeshadow)

My Lip Product(s): Again, my go-to product is MK lipgloss in Gold rush. I also love love love me some Softlips. (Also own and occasionally wear: CG Wetslicks, DuWop lip venom)

My Day Cream(s): Day cream. I'm not sure what that means. I use MK Velocity lightweight moisturizer.

My Beauty Product Brand(s): Physician's Formula and Mary Kay.

My Essential Beauty Product: Face wash, moisturizer, eyelash curler. Essense of Beauty brushes.

My Favorite Makeup Product(s): Black eyeliner, I use NYC or Wet 'n Wild. My boyfrind thinks it hot and that makes it a must-have.

My Perfume: Britney Spear's Curious, on the rare occasion that I wear perfume. I usually stick to my Bath & Body Works scented lotion.

My Nails: My nails are usually au naturale. Either completely bare or with Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hard As Wraps in clear or sheer pink. Today they are purple. Oh, I mean they are Purple Pizzaz Frost. I feel very silly.

My Feet: I'm not sure what to put here. I like to paint my toe nails a cute pink color. But I rarely remember.

My Hands: I have a little Mary Kay Satin Hands GWP kit that a friend gave me. I want softer hands but I rarely remember to use it.

Three Products to bring on a deserted island: Neutrogena sunscreen (the lotion kind so it can double as a moisturizer), Softlips lip balm, Dove soap.

Women I admire for their beauty: The moms in my life: My mom, Veronica, who certainly looks way younger than she is and who was a total babe when she was my age. My boss, Janelle, who is funny, smart, humble, and always super cute. My mentor, Katie, who is so beautiful at every angle that the word could be taken.

Woman with the Best Sense of Style: Everyone that lives in my house. We are very fashionable.

My Favorite Fashion Publication(s): Glamour

Who did you get this from?: Stargirl, who has gone from video game nerd to makeup guru. ^_^

♥, TiffanyAnne

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Kuntow??? said...

It's reading things like this that make me glad I'm not a girl. If I had to juggle more than your basic deodorant and bar o'soap, I'd be a mess.


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