Friday, October 24, 2008

decisions, decisions...

Advising for the spring semester starts next week, but I decided to check out the course schedules today just to see what my options were.

By the looks of it, I may be in for a confusing spring semester. I'm looking at taking classes at two different campuses and online. I hate online classes, but that's what it may come to.

I've been looking forward to taking another class from our resident Pulitzer Prize winning proff. Mitch Weiss, who won the prize in '04 for investigative journalism, will be teaching a class on investigavtive journalism.

Oh wait--one minor draw back. It's being taught ON A TUESDAY NIGHT.

Now I have to decide between swing dancing and journalism. Granted if it's anything like this semester, I'll get to go to half the dances anyway...

♥, TiffanyAnne

1 comment:

Chris Cope said...

In the battle between swing dancing and journalism, swing dancing should always win.


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