Friday, September 5, 2008

the only time i focus on my ability to lead

I have been learning about and working on writing good leads in two of my journalism classes and in doing so, it occured to me that I never once think about the leads in my blogs. The lead is that first sentence or paragraph that draws the audience in. Its what keeps you from clicking over to the next news station or turning the page. I was writing a 60-second package for my "Writing for the Mass Media" based on this piece about Sarah Palin's hairstyle. It was a fun little project, but it took me longer to get started that it did to write the rest of the piece. I wanted a catchy lead that would keep the viewer from changing the channel.

A few days ago, the professor said that it wasn't so much that he wanted to make us into good journalists but rather that he wanted to make us into good writers. If all goes well, you will be the ones to bank on that promise as I write less drabble.

♥, TiffanyAnne

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