Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Last night was vintage dress up night at the weekly swing dance. So, instead of my usual dance uniform (I almost always wear a pink button-up and black skirt) I wore my new "military-style" dress and vintage Boy Scout hat.

Unfortunately, because this picture is sepia tone, you cannot see my vintage makeup. My ruby-red lipstick, to be specific. Can you tell that I am wearing false eyelashes? They were a pain to get on, but kind of neat and not too over the top. I do not think that anyone noticed them unless pointed them out. Which almost sort of makes them seem pointless. But I liked them, even if no one else saw them.

Something neat: when I was looking for stuff about 1940s fashion, I came across the American Vintage blues website. The 3rd picture on the side looks very similar to my dress, I think. Cute!

♥, TiffanyAnne

See. I am not a stewardess!


(H)olly said...

where did you find that dress? it's great! :)
i'm going to a swing dance party @ New Years and my best friend and i wanna find cool swing dresses for the party :D

Tiffany said...

actually, i got it from TJ Maxx. 40s era dresses are still kind of in, so maybe check the department stores. i've seen some cute dresses with high waisted pencil skirts. if all else fails, piece something together from the thrift store. that's what a lot of my swingin' friends do :)


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