Monday, August 18, 2008

billy goats gruff

Actually, these fellas are not so gruff at all. They are nubian goats. They are very friendly and hang out peacefully with the chickens and do not bite when you pet them. When you bleat at them, they perk up and bleat back. Until, that is, they realize that you are not saying "Hello, how are you today, goat?" and, in fact, mocking them. Then they ignore you and go back to eating the chickens' food. My parents, who were given the goats this past weekend, now live on a proverbial farm. Ponies any day now, I tell you!

My mother and I tied some rope to their collars and tied them up in the back yard so they could mow the lawn. The guy in black got really annoyed with me trying to tell him where to go (even though I was super friendly and all "here, goat!" in a high pitched voice), so he sat down. I managed to tie his rope to a post and he stood there for five solid minutes leaning away from that would do some good. The other goat happily followed my mother and eagerly filled his belly with green yummy grass.

They do not have names because they are going to be eaten eventually anyway.

♥, TiffanyAnne


Stargirl said...

I AM NOT GOING TO EAT THEM! :-( I'm going to name them when I come home

Tiffany Anne said...

that's fine

more for me.

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

One year my parents named their two pigs Bacon and Sausage, and the next year they named their new pigs Breakfast, Lunch and Supper. Hee-hee! See, you CAN name and eat. :-)

Stargirl said...

dad said we're not going to eat the white one. He's gonna be our stud goat. Woooooo. I name him Billy. I've been calling the goat on death row Blackie. So creative.


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