Sunday, August 3, 2008

the angry seas

You might recognize the above photo from OverAnalyzed; it was my profile picture for a little while. Wait, I just checked--it still is the profile picture. Anyway. The t-shirt I am wearing in the above photo is available from Portland Studios and was designed by a friend of mine. It is seriously one of my favorite t-shirts.

I went shopping with Ellen today--yes, this is relevant information. We went to the mall in pursuit of pieces to add to her wardrobe to make her appear more professional. I was wearing the aforementioned t-shirt. As we headed to the exit at the end of our excursion, I saw a guy sitting on a bench. His shirt looked familiar and I realized that we match. I thought this was kind of funny and, as we pass, I waved at this stranger.

"Nice shirt!"

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