Monday, July 21, 2008

ISO cell phone charger

While you no doubt heard over and over again about my little trip to Raleigh, you may not have heard about my phone charger being left in my hotel room. The real bummer is I am scheduled to get my upgrade on the 28th of this month and thus will be getting a new phone. I have been cell phone free for a week now and I could do another week but would really rather not have too. I have searched for chargers at Verizon, Target, and various drug stores.

Result = FAIL

This is sort of fine because I do not really want to shell out thirty bucks for a charger I can would only use for a few days. Turns out I may not have to be disconnected for another week. I got a call from a friend last night* and she said to check hotels to see if they have a charger for my phone. Many many other humans are as forgetful as I am and leave their expensive phone chargers in hotels all the time. Apparently, you can go into hotels and ask about phone chargers and they have got hundreds for you to dig through. I googled this and found several other people saying the exact same thing. I have a pretty old school phone compared to today's standards though--it does not even do video (gasp)--so I do not even know if they will have one for me.

Hopefully, I will get lucky and be connected once again.

♥, TiffanyAnne

*When I say I got a call, what I mean is I checked my messages on a friend's phone and got her voice mail message.

Guess what? I got really lucky. My bosses phone charger fits my phone. Yes!!!

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