Monday, July 14, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

OMG. OMG. OMG. I had a very fantastic weekend.

Nick Williams asked me to dance on Friday was so fantastic. Granted not my most fantastic dance ever, but still quite fantastic. He was so nice and friendly and such a great dancer. And good looking too! ;) But...oh my gosh...he started to suzie q with me. I get a chance to dance with a world renowned swing dancer and I have yet to master a freaking suzie q. Crap... Note to self: work on suzie q's...

His partner was Abigail Browning who is super cute and also a fantastic dancer. I just loved to watch them dance together.

There were four one-hour long classes both Saturday (Flowmentum; (Slip n') Slides; Swing High, Swing Low; Lindy Charleston) and Sunday (Further Adventures into the Swingout; Fast Lindy; Rhythm and Syncopations; Footwork & Styling). I do not know how much I am going to be able to recall on the dance floor. The complicated slide that I learned was one I learned from Sue and Katie back at the High Country Ball and I have yet to implement it on the social dance floor since. But I learned a way to put it into a six-count

Enough technical talk for you yet? I have really been wanting ways to play around with my swingout and I learned a fun kick-ball-change-swivel-step to do on the seven-and-eight. More important than playing around with my swingout is getting proper tension. I spent too much time being told I have loosey-goosey arms and so now I think I overcorrect. I can be like a brick sometimes. I hope that proper tension, like everything else thus far, will come with more time and many dances.

I seriously cannot wait to hit the dance floor tomorrow night. :) And to think--I almost canceled!

Some possibilities for the remainder of the year: The Need For Speed, Dirt Cheap Blues, Southern Belle, AVS, KLX, Swing and Soul, Lindy Focus... Wish I could do every one, but I shall have to pick just a couple. I definitely want at least one workshop and one exchange.

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Swing lingo swing lingo swing lingo OMG Swing lingo swing lingo


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