Tuesday, June 3, 2008

setting goals

About 11 months ago, I decided that I would remain single until mid-February 2008. I met Calvin a.k.a. Spartacus in November and, well, the plan failed. Last April, I decided that I was going to remain single for an undetermined amount of time.

I have since changed my mind and decided that I need to set myself an end-date goal. Summer '08, then, is my single season.

Sharon tells me that when I say this, it sometimes sounds like all I am trying to do is keep my options open. This is not all I am trying to do. I'm trying to form deeper friendships without letting my ridiculously silly and often overactive emotions get in the way. They do that. A lot. Here is the thing: finding a guy is not the problem. Waiting on the right guy to whom God is leading me? That's my problem.

I am sticking to my guns (with HIS help, of course).

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