Friday, June 27, 2008

It's all about the he-said-she-said...

Francesca, the daughter of my very dear friend Sharon, falls right between Alex and Lauren agewise. Some mornings, I will ring Sharon and invite her to an impromptu playdate. Almost all of our playdates are impromptu. Alex and Lauren get quite excited when I ask them if they would like me to call Francesa's mommy. Today, I was on the phone with Sharon and I heard a resounding excited squeal on the other side of the conversation. Since this squeal was not Sharon, I can only take this to mean that Francesca also gets quite excited with the prospect of coming over and playing with my lovely charges.

But then what happens? These darn kids have several very loud and tearful tiffs. 'Tis so frustrating.

When this happens, Sharon and I send them outside (somehow playgrounds resolve problems) and talk, sometimes about deeper topics, but more often than not we go from dealing with the frustrating children in our lives to talking about the frustrating men in our lives.

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Anonymous said...

So Sharon is married or what?


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