Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hot Caramel Sundae. On Sunday.

One of the things that excited me most about moving in with other girls was the other girls. I was very eager to experience that whole "roommate" experience that everyone else, it seems, has gone through at least once in their lifetime. What must it be like, I wondered, to come home and have friends there to hang out with? While it hasn't really been quite what I thought it would be, I do like my roommates and the whole housing situation.

Since I moved to my new shared abode, my social life has gotten exponentially busier. It was because new found time and new found activities. I have standing events each night of the week except for Friday and Saturday. I am one of those types that love to be busy and surrounded by friends but every once in a while, needs a night or two spent hauling up alone in the bedroom reading books and grazing on snack foods. This week, I have been so social that the idea of having to spend time with other people at the moment does not stir a single bit of excitement within me.

So here I am, though, closed up in my room like some sort of hot caramel sundae eating recluse while my friends are off eating dinner at Joy of Tokyo and I feel weary. I cannot really pinpoint why I feel weary, but I do. Maybe it is a mixture of slight physical exhaustion and need for alone time coupled with that bummed feeling that I get every now and then. Possibly.

And, you know? That is a-okay. One cannot be forced to be social all of the time. To put on a face for the crowds at all time would be tiresome. Yay for evenings spent snuggled in the comfiest blanket reading books and eating ice cream. ^_^


Kuntow??? said...

As one preparing to go the opposite direction (roommateless), I fear for my sanity. I found that I start talking to myself and my walls after a while when there's no one else around.

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Yay for hot caramel!


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