Wednesday, June 18, 2008

another late night post

I am currently trudging through a devotional book right now. I refuse to tell you the title of the book because it is a dumb title despite the fact that there is great content within. I say that I am trudging through it because it is quite difficult for me to wake up and do devotions. I rather enjoy them--it is the extra sleep that perhaps causes confusion. I have sadly tricked myself into thinking that that time is my time. Pffft... That time is not mine nor is this very moment. They are all His and I really should just give them to him.

However, I digress.

In my book this morning it talked about things that we are really great at and/or are passionate about. There are a few things, I suppose, with which I have been blessed to be talented. But really, the question is do I use these things to glorify God? This also goes back to the sermon I heard at church on Sunday. Instead of funneling everything back to ME ME ME!!! do I point it all back to HIM?

Do I glorify God on the dance floor? Does my writing praise Him? What about my photography? My super-nanny skills which I use to tame ferocious babies/toddlers/pre-schoolers?

The only reason I can do anything well is because He has given me that skill. Take for example, dancing. (Betcha didn't see that one coming!) God has given me a passion for dancing. I so love to dance. I am prone however, to get quite prideful when I dance. Sometimes, at a swing dance, friends who are new to dancing throw compliments my way left and right. Have I ever once pointed those praises Heavenward?

Tomorrow is the first COI powwow of the year. While there may be another fancy shawler this year, I am generally the only one in our little ring. I am instantly recognized (it is, after all, a dance easily distinguished from the rest). In past summers, I have gotten much applause upon introduction.

How should I be reacting to that praise? There was once a time in my life that I cast any and nearly every compliment aside. That is probably not the proper thing to do when someone appreciates you. I should, rather, bring up my Father who has blessed me with so many things. One of those things is a love and a talent for dancing.

Even as I write this, it seems a little silly. After all, some reading this maybe will think: it is just dancing. We should all have passions in our life and I (as you probably know) am passionate about dancing. Think about whatever you are passionate about even if that is your education or your stamp collection. So, then, now you know what I mean and it seems a little less silly.

To live in such a way that I am constantly glorifying God should be something I do not even have to think about, not something I have to write about to understand. (This [blogging] is how I work through things in case you were unaware.) While I pray that it does indeed become second nature to me, something tells me that this is one of those things that I will always be working on. (And maybe even blogging about, depending on how these writing skills of mine keep up...)

Every blessing you pour out I'll turn back to praise...

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Hey now, don't knock my stamp collection! Just kidding.

Very thought-provoking post. Hard to accomplish the glorifying at times without sounding really stupid to the person who complimented. I've struggled with this too.


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