Thursday, May 8, 2008


Nowadays, one can always find me hanging around Vintage Ave one night a week. There's an awesome bible study with seriously cool people. We eat dinner, fellowship, sing praise, and then split up to study. The book of Luke came to and end last week after we poured over the last chapter.

This week, it was someone's birthday and to celebrate, we went to a downtown church and took over the youth floor. It was refreshing to spend the evening playing dodge ball, 9-square, knock out, and sardines. Ever played sardines? I never had. It's kinds of like a weird hide and seek. 1st thing: it's completely dark in all the rooms. The hallways have a little light, but that's it. One person is hiding. The key? To find that person (a.k.a. the sardine) and hide with them. Oh yeah, and no talking. Easy peasy, right?

You may not know this, but I'm kind of afraid of the dark. My imagination starts going into hyperdrive. I see things that are not there and even if they were, I wouldn't be able to see them because I can't see my hand in front of my face. So, I hung close to a friend for the first half, but then he disappeared. It was was really really really had for me to be in a pitch black room, tripping over furniture, and NOT freak out. Eventually, I found another friend stumbling about. I grasped his hand for dear life and we continued our search. Soon, we found the sardines and we weren't even the last. ^_^ How about round 2? I faced my fears and took off on my own. Que the hard pounding and potential hyperventilation. I found the sardines. I survived to tell the story. I'd even be willing to play again.

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