Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ready for an update? It's been almost a week.

Have you missed me? I'm posting something new, finally, so you don't have to see those awful pictures of me every time you come to "In Pursuit." (Just FYI, I have a good excuse. I have no internet. It's crazy how something like that makes you incredibly productive!)


So, I moved out on Saturday and have been spending nearly every spare moment getting things settled. Yes, my rent is going down by a generous quantity...but so is everything else. My room is 1/2 the size of my old one (if that) and while my old closet was the size of a dorm room, my new one is the size of a linen closet. Oh yes. So, I'm having to downsize quite a bit. Goodwill has had a lot of donations from me in the recent days. Target has oft seen me purchasing storage boxes, more storage boxes, cafe rods, Huggable Hangars, a drill, hooks, etc. Oh yeah, and I bought a new dresser. The black piece is good and solid. Brand spankin' new and only $25.00.

My social calendar is busy as ever. I'm booked each night this week. Sunday was Planet Earth & Halo at Mike's. Monday was bible study. Tuesday was Food For Life and dancing. Tonight I'm going to see my friend Heather. Thursday, I'm meeting friends for lunch and then hanging out downtown w/ my dad that night. And then I'm headed up to Charlotte for the weekend. Fun stuff. I know.

My personal life? Gah. We're not even going there. Could I possibly be more confused? Maybe. But I like where I am right now. I love where God has brought me and the people he has surrounded me with. I seriously could not ask for more right now.

Except maybe a car...


Kuntow??? said...

If nothing else, you've got a pretty sweet house, at least the downstairs anyway.
I'm wondering though, do I lose points for by far eating the most pizza?

Tokyo Pink said...

Don't forget awesome Borealis picture

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

What in the world are huggable hangars? Sounds scary.

Tiffany Anne said...

Lose points for eating the most pizza? Ha-ha. No, I was impressed.

And huggable hangars are pretty much awesome. They're just hangars that are super thin, super strong, and sort of velvety. I'm going to assume they're called "huggable" because clothes don't fall off.


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