Monday, May 12, 2008

DJ Sparkle

I'm a dancing fiend. This is not news to you. In my attempt to recruit more people to my passion, I invited some friends to come dancing last week. I promised one guy (who has never been dancing before) a free lesson if he would come to the dance. Step, step, rockstep. Step, step, rockstep. Across-the-body, turn around, rockstep. And more fabulous stuff like that.

He picked it up pretty well and, after a bit of teaching, I dragged him out to the dance floor for a song. Periodically over the evening, I brought some gals who knew to how dance his way. "Chris, this is Anna! She seriously wants to dance with you." And he would laugh as he found his way to the dance floor for more dancing and learning.

Aaaaannd guess what happened later that evening? DJ Sparkle was guest for about a 35 minute section. Who is DJ Sparkle? C'est moi! ^_^ The nickname came from my friend Dustin who decided that I needed a DJ name. Why sparkle? I have no idea. Maybe, just maybe, I'm *that* fabulous.

That was on Tuesday. On Saturday, DJ Sparkle struck again. It wasn't as big as the Handlebar or anything--in fact, it was a house party in Columbia. It was, however, lots of fun. I helped teach, I played some awesome tunes, and (most important) I had a blast.

Hopefully, I'll get to DJ more this summer. ^_^

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Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Ooh, do you get paid? More SOCK MONEY!!!


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