Friday, April 18, 2008

Higher education

So, I got mail today from both College of Charleston and Greenville Tech. College of Charleston was letting me know that they had accepted me. Greenville Tech was letting me know that, because of my good performance in the fall semester, I had made it onto the dean's list. The good dean's list, just to clarify.

That's pretty nice. "Isn't Charleston known because it's a party school?" My dad asked. Uh...yeah. Pretty much. I've considered pretty seriously going there, actually. In the end, I decided that, no, I didn't want to go there. After all, it would involve leaving my home and I've no desire to do that.

Next semester, I'll be at USC Upstate (we're Spartans, not gamecocks) and a little further on my journey to becoming a world famous journalist.


Kuntow??? said...

Yeah, but you know that Gamecocks are cooler! :-D

Tiffany Anne said...

Ewwwww! No way.

Tokyo Pink said...

Every school is a party school if you want it to be. The opposite is true as well.


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