Sunday, April 27, 2008

daily photo: let's dance

Because I didn't do a Friday photo, here are two photos from Saturday:

Christian dipping me *low*. Just because he can. So much fun! He dipped me like this at ATLX--but it was lower this time. ^_^

See those shoes I'm wearing? A very very very wonderful gal lent them to me. I walked into the studio, sat down, open my bag and pulled out one shoe. There was only one shoe in my bag. Oh crap. Luckily, another gal there had a pair of shoes that fit me! Yay! And, yes, Stargirl, I think they're kind of cute!

Swing dance at a local dance studio (on, zOMG, hardwood floors). It was lots and lots of fun. The couple on the far right, Sue and Katie, were two instructors from the workshop I went to on Saturday. (Also instructors at my last workshop.) I got to dance with Sue. He is such a freaking awesome dancer--they both are. It's so much fun just to watch them dance. Not only because they are so good, but because they have so much fun when they're dancing!


Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Jeremy and I keep talking about taking a dancing class, but we haven't yet. Last time we were signed up for one a year in advance, and it turned out to be during the month before I was due with Liberty.

Total unrelated, but I desperately need Ice Cream or Chocolate right now. (Yes, they are capitalized.)

Tokyo Pink said...

A boy named Sue?


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