Friday, April 18, 2008

daily photo: chinelas

My flip-flops in the grass. We had a picnic lunch today with one of the neighbor kids. When his mom called to have him sent home she said she felt sort of bad because I had four with me and she had none. But we had invited the little boy over and, anyway, they played with each other instead of bugging me.

This (like all the pictures since In Pursuit was born on the 14th) was taken with a FugiFilm E900. Yep, I got a new one. It is such a nice camera, I'm glad to have one again!


Anonymous said...

What happened to your old camera?

Tiffany Anne said...

Spartacus happened to my camera. Luckily, he bought me a new one.

Tiffany Anne said...

Oh...that link is no good, is it. Well try clicking here instead.


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