Sunday, April 20, 2008

America's Most Sinful Cities

So, this past February (Valentine's Day, to be exact) Forbes published a list of America's Most Sinful Cities. It's rather interesting and has an interactive map and everything. This was actually what Peter, my pastor, used as an intro for today's sermon on Luke 13:1-5 (about repenting). I found it rather interesting and thought I would share it. These are only the top 3 for each category, but go to the website to see the top 10 lists. Also you can click on each category to go to their respective articles.

Avarice: This list was compiled using the Forbes 400 list which ranks the wealthiest Americans.
1. San Jose, CA
2. San Francisco, CA
3. Seattle, WA

Envy: Missing your stuff? These cities have the highest property crime rates.
1. Memphis, TN
2. Charlotte, NC (Look out, Stargirl!)
3. San Antonio, TX

Gluttony: America's heaviest cities.
1. Memphis, TN
2. Birmingham, AL
3. San Antonio, TX

Lust: According to their condom and contraceptive purchases, these cities are hot hot hot. ("Sin City" wasn't even in the top 10, in case you were interested.)
1. Denver, CO
2. San Antonio, TX
2. Portland, OR

Sloth: Oh, the laziest of America!
1. Memphis, TN
2. New Orleans, LA
3. Las Vegas, NV

Pride: Plastic surgery? Yes please!
1. Salt Lake City, UT
2. San Francisco, CA
3. San Jose, CA

Wrath: These are the parts of the country with the highest murder rates.
1. Detriot, MI (Big surprise here...)
2. Baltimore, MD
3. New Orleans, LA

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