Friday, September 7, 2007

Windy city nights...I remember you and I

OMG, I'm soooo tired. I'm not yet to the stage that moms get. You know, the one where they can somehow survive on only three hours of sleep each night? I got about five hours of sleep last night. I hung out with Steven past my bedtime and then I came home, made spaghetti b/c I was famished, and packed for the beach.


I skipped out of Music Appreciation class early (yes, we watched scenes from Rigoletto w/ Pavarotti) and headed over to Steven's. Then we proceeded to annoy each other, as we love to do, until heading up to my parent's house. I needed to get my sleeping bag and a sleeping pad for camping this weekend. Oy. I just remembered that I forgot to pack my flashlight. Anyway.

So, we went to my parent's house and hung out for a few minutes and got my stuff. Then we headed up to Bald Rock. The Winter Sounds was blaring through the speakers. We blinded ourselves by taking pictures out at Bald Rock. I'll post some later b/c they're all on my laptop which is at home. The sky was gorgeous and made me wish that I had a camera that could capture the beauty of the night sky sans light pollution. We lay out on that rock vainly trying to find any constellation that we recognize for a while. We did see a shooting star--a rather long one, at that--and both made wishes.

And we had pretty good guesses what each other's wish was about.

"Your wish isn't about me, is it?"
"Is it about so-and-so?"
And the other wish was about another so-and-so as well. As if you had to ask.

I got sorta chilly, so we walked back to the car. The Winter Sounds was replaced by Dashboard Confessional (The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most and the So Impossible EP) and we drove down the mountain. It seemed to take a much shorter time to get home. I took Steven back to his place and we parted ways.

So, by now, Steve's at SCAD Atlanta which, I think, is way cool. So...good luck in Hotlanta, dear friend! :-)


♥, Tiffany Anne


Tokyo Pink said...

Pavarotti died yesterday.

Tiffany Anne said...

I know...that's why I mentioned it.


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