Thursday, September 20, 2007


So, I just calculated what percentile my grade fell into for the last math test.

85th percentile.

I am slightly annoyed that it's not the 100th. I should be greatful for the A that I got but, ohmigosh, I am so spoiled!

In my last math class, I was nearly always the only A. And now, there is some abnormal person in my class who made a 101. I just hope it is not the annoying kid behind me. I do not think I could deal with that.

Okay. Must go. School...oy.

Okay, today I have Geography class (in which there is an exam), Math class, and Music class (in which there is a listening test.)

And things I must to before the party bus (my & my boss's Mountaineer*) take it up to the BAC:
Type up geography notes
Listen to songs for Music test
Figure out what piece of music I am going to do a presentation on (I am thinking 8 O'Clock Jive by Jacob Johnson.)
Figure out how the Tychonic solar system model compared to the Ptolemaic system.
Finish Project 4
Math homework that I am sure will come.

♥, Tiffany Anne

*Tiffany: I have the Mountaineer for the weekend!
Mary: What's that?
Tiffany: It's a big ol' SUV...kinda like an excursion.
Mary: Ohmigosh! You could totally score in the back seat!
Tiffany: Yeah...because that's soooo likely to happen.
Mary: Ohmigosh! I could totally score in the back seat!

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