Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Now, this is friendship...

[excerpts from recent conversations on the phone/online/in real life.]

♥, Tiffany Anne


Tiffany: some ho? what? caleb? you're gonna go find a ho? j/k ;-)
Caleb: lol
Caleb: i could be a ho
Caleb: they make good money
Caleb: lol
Caleb: but that is gross
Caleb: and immoral
Caleb: lol
Tiffany: lol
Tiffany: yes.
Tiffany: i think if you were a man-ho, there would be serious problems with our friendship
Caleb: lol
Caleb: good
Tiffany: i tease will about being a man-ho. well, not really. but i tell him that he's a ladies man b/c he is such a flirt
Caleb: lol
Caleb: what about a stripper?
Caleb: jk
Caleb: i am not hot enough to be a stripper
Caleb: lol
Caleb: jk
Tiffany: haha!!!! stripper. well, you do have that video of you in your boxers dancing in the TP
Caleb: wow i am bad
Caleb: lol
Caleb: OMG

Tiffany: Steven! Are you really not going to tell me? Fine.
Steve: ...Okay.
Steve: Hello?
Steve: ....
Steve: Okay...I'm going to hang up now.
Tiffany: Okay! No, wait!

Christiana: You better not get yourself killed before the test. I'll come to your funeral and look in your casket and say, "You stupid girl."
Tiffany: Ha-ha, yeah, but then you could have study dates with pale kid who sits behind me.
Christiana: What, your boyfriend? No way.

Tiffany: [to someone on the phone] No, I can't date him. I already have a boyfriend.
Alex: Actually, Miss Tiffany, I don't want to be your boyfriend anymore.
Tiffany: What? But...are you breaking up with me?
Alex: Yes.
Tiffany: [to someone on the phone] Well, I guess I am available...a four-year-old just dumped me.

Christiana: I'll make sure to be late for class so you can talk with your boyfriend.
Tiffany: What? Pale, annoying kid? Girl, if you do that, I will tell him that you have a thing for him.
Christiana: Then I will tell his friend that you like him.
Tiffany: OMG! Then we can go on a double date. You, me, pale kid and his annoying friend.

Tiffany: i'm so super, Caleb
Caleb: lol
Caleb: omg
Tiffany: I'm Super-Tiffy (mary's bf calls me that)
Caleb: lol
Tiffany: and I'm Super-Nanny
Caleb: awww
Tiffany: and I'm a pretty darn super girl Boy Scout
Caleb: yes yes
Caleb: i agree


Anonymous said...

hahahaha, Alex dumped you

Anonymous said...

He's just not ready for a commitment yet, and who can blame him?


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