Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm Walkin' On Sunshine.

Spent the better part of my weekend in Clemson. It was a fantastique weekend in so many ways. I went to my 3rd ever college football game with Anne Marie, Matt, and Erich. The 1st one was a Clemson game, the 2nd was a Furman game...this was a Clemson vs. Furman game. Ha-ha.

Furman came and Clemson conquered. Oh yes. (And Michigan spanked Notre Dame like you don't even know. Huzzah!)

We tailgated w/ some of Anne Marie & Matt's friends after the game. And, dangit, I just remembered that I left the rest of my peach Bacardis in Matt & Erich's fridge. Bummer! I made sure to get a drink with orange labels, because, you know, there wasn't enough orange that day.

We stayed up late watching Ocean's 13 (which, by the way was super) and I stayed the night. Went to church w/ Anne Marie and Will, and subsequently lunch with Matt joining us. Study time for everyone afterwards so, I decided to head out 'cause I needed to get home and study too. But I made sure to stop by Will's dorm and hang out for a little bit before heading home.

And now I'm home. And procrastinating. So I need to study.

[The Most Exciting 25 Seconds in College Football]

[Anne Marie and me...with Erich in the background.]

[Me & Will]

♥, Tiffany Anne


Andrew, duh! said...

Just over two months...

Tiffany Anne said...

Are you talking about the Clemson/Carolina game? Or something else?

Andrew, duh! said...

November 24, Williams-Brice Stadium. The Tigers are going to wish they stayed home that day.


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