Monday, September 10, 2007

Huntington Island beach trip...

I did something this previous weekend that not many gals would be willing to do. I went on a trip to the beach with a bunch of Boy Scouts. To read the story, go here. That is Crew 9's blog where we can post pics and info about our adventures.

Funny thing happened down at the beach. I was recognized by an out-of-council Scoutmaster! It's the first time since I've worked at COI that I've been recognized by someone other than those I have some sort of affiliation with. When some of the scouts saw me as we were loading up: "Hey! It's Tiffany! It's Tiffany from the Trading Post. I bought socks from her!" Yes, this was my "sock troop." Jas, one of the older scouts who is a pretty cool kid, would bring the boys in and say, "Tiffany thinks Scout socks are cool." Yeah...I was constantly restocking socks that week.

Usually, we won't do stuff with the troop, but, for my first trip, I'm glad we did. I absolutely loved sitting around with the Scouts. They were cool kids too--no stalkers, no hoverers, no girl-haters. It reminded me of why I love Camp Old Indian so much. Other than it being my home away from home, the kids that go up to Camp are what make that place; those kids are awesome. (Except the kids that stalk me, flirt with me, and fight the other kids to sit next to me. Ha-ha.) There were 19 total kids in all and about 8 or 9 adults. After realizing that I could hold my own in a witty-sarcastic battle, I was officially accepted by the Scoutmasters.

Even though I can't go to meetings yet because of school, I'm excited to help out with the Crew. Things should be lots of fun.

[Venture Crew 9!]

♥, Tiffany Anne


Milwaukee Girl said...

Hey - one of those kids has a little captain in him!

Anonymous said...

Nice Pics! Sea shells ... cool.


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