Sunday, September 2, 2007

Doin' the A-town stomp...

Went to Anderson yesterday to hang out with my loverly friend Anne Marie. Yes, the very same Anne Marie who lives in the geodesic dome!

I had a super-fab time, too. Got there around 2:3opm or so and we chatted and such before heading downtown to the coffee shop. We chatted about how boys are stupid for quite some time. That seems to be a common topic of conversation between us. And I love having someone who will overanalyze dumb boys with me. We also talked about how Will (her brother, previously mentioned as friend who I went contra dancing with) really does not need to get a mohawk. Today, I called him and asked if I could possibly talk him out of it because, really, once he shaves off the mohawk (he's only keeping it for the Clemson/FSU if you see someone with a mohawk playing the sousaphone...that would be him), he'll have a buzz cut and does he know that, sweetie, that's not really a good look? No such luck. We ended up wandering around downtown. I took pictures of the fish...there are fish everywhere.

And then I took a photo with me and another fish. He's doing the awesome face, but I forgot.

We went back to the dome for dinner. I stayed until oh, 1:15am or some other unruly hour. We just talked and talked and yawned and talked. She offered me the guest bedroom (duly noted for future use), but I had stayed out until 2:30am the previous night/morning so I still had energy to spare on the long drive home. The Winter Sounds kept me awake.

Once it gets a bit cooler (We're on our way there! August is over! Yay!!!!!), Anne Marie is going to come my way and we're going to hang out at my place. We'll walk downtown and pretend like we're cool and do hip things around Greenville. Hopefully, it will involve ice cream.

♥, Tiffany Anne


Anonymous said...

Don't you know a guy who lives in a geodesic dome too?

Tiffany Anne said...

Indeed I do. Anne Marie's brother Will also lives in the very same geodesic dome.


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