Sunday, September 23, 2007

chillin in 211c + waiting for sir + wal*mart fun = a night with theabbey kids

[K-swiss, Stargirl, and moi.]

[Me rocking out on the guitar...ha-ha.]

[Taking a picture of taking a picture.]

[On our way to Stowe.]

[Downtown Charlotte. Waiting for Sir.]

[Playing on the escalators. Still waiting for Tim.]

[Ray, me, K-Swiss, Stargirl, Art.]

[Waiting for Sir.]

[Still waiting for Sir.]

[Mary and Sir. Yay! We found him!]


[Sir the cripple and me.]

[Mary is just buying chips.]

[I'm thirsty...]
And the rest is history. Most of these photos are on Facebook if you've got it and we're friends. But this was Friday evening with Mary and her friends. Lots of fun, I must say.

♥, Tiffany Anne

1 comment:

stargirl ROKKS said...

This is my b: it is 211C! kthxbye


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