Friday, September 14, 2007


I am so tired. I'm that kind of tired you get when you have not been getting enough sleep for several nights in a row. I could seriously use a nap.

But there is a little girl sitting behind me putting ridiculously large bows in my hair.

I'm way behind in all my homework too. And I won't be able to do very much this weekend because I'm going to be in Clemson for most of it. I still need to buy something to wear to the game. Orange is a scarce color in my wardrobe, well, no. Not really. I have orange. Just not Clemson Orange. That shall have to be amended.

I have several sections of math homework. There is a astronomy project I have geography, math, and music tests next week. I missed my 1st astronomy test because I'm stupid and took an online class.

I feel blah.

And I seriously just cannot concentrate.

♥, Tiffany Anne

1 comment:

Andrew, duh! said...

I've got a Tennessee orange t-shirt you can have if you want. Though it'd no doubt be just a tad big on you.
But come November 24, I'm going to be enjoying a Tiger roast prior to my turkey. :-)


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